are unique and recognizable - shoes with flirty tails and bows, sandals with silk tassels – won hearts and minds of fashinistas all over the world right after the release of his first collection in 2013, which was sold out in just two weeks.Fans of the brand fell in love with high stilettos to the point that they were willing to be on a wait list to get a desired pair. The number of followers on social network channels grew exponentially each day together with the number of requests from world's leading fashion buyers. Today ALEKSANDERSIRADEKIAN is represented in 35 best multi-brand stores in Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Monaco and London…. Designer's unique style pared with his flawless taste brought his brand up to the global level in a very short period of time, which allowed the production to grow exponentially. Apart from seasonal collections, we introduced our capsule collection of one-of-a-kind shoes from couture in the beginning of 2016, and purse NOEL, a new object of desire, this past September. Regardless of a large demand, our brand remains loyal to itself and continues to produce a limited amount of merchandise, which translates into the high quality of our product. ALEKSANDERSIRADEKIAN's moto is "My life – a special occasion". This means that even on a weekday our clients always feel special wearing trendy loafers and flats with our unique bows and silk tassels. Since recently, little fashinistas can also experience exact copies of these shoes.